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Need cash? Turn your old car into a fast payday in one hour with Car for Scrap – the simple, secure and easy way to get cash for scrap cars. Toronto car owners, no matter the age, model, make or condition of your vehicle, Car for Scrap has you covered. Even water damaged, uninsurable and non-running vehicles are all eligible!

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Why Choose Cash For Scrap Cars, Toronto?

Cash for Scrap offers comprehensive services for cash for scrap cars. Toronto area locations, including Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga, and Scarborough make it faster than ever to turn your old, unusable vehicles into easy cash.

Our licensed scrap yard makes official paperwork and transactions easy with our one-stop-shop service. For the best value for your scrap vehicles, choose Cash for Scrap Cars, Toronto.  We are committed to giving our customers the best scrap prices and upholding greener, sustainable scrap recycling initiatives.

Top Value Cash for Scrap Cars

Scrap metal is an important and valuable part of the auto and construction industries. At Car for Scrap, we ensure your scrap vehicle is given the best value no matter its condition.

Easy Official Sign Over

We do the paperwork associated with cash for scrap cars for you! Save time, money and hassle when you let our experts handle the time-consuming process of obtaining and sorting paperwork.

Pick Up In The GTA

Never worry about how to get your non-driving car to our offices, we’ll pick it up for you anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area!

Convenient Local Drop-Off

Rather drop the car off yourself? Car for Scrap offers several convenient, local drop-off points!

Greener Car Scrapping

As part of our commitment to our community, we support and uphold laws and initiatives to reduce the waste associated with scrap metal.

Covering Urban and Rural Areas

An older vehicle is more likely to experience issues during extreme hot and cold weather and may not be able to handle icy roads. Rural areas with dirt roads are also a bigger challenge for an older car.

Benefits Of Cash For Scrap Cars, Toronto

Are you driving an old, damaged or unreliable vehicle? It may seem that keeping your old car is the financially responsible course of action, but an older car can often end up costing you more, not only in terms of money but also time and frustration. If you are on the fence about selling your car for scrap, consider these benefits and reasons why it might be the right decision for you:


Most times, when a car breaks down, you largely feel the pain in your wallet but, depending on your commute, this could prove to be a safety hazard as well. Those who drive long distances, in rural areas or in harsh weather conditions may all be taking a much greater risk with an old car.


Has your junker car ever made you late for work? If so, the cost savings of keeping it might just be equaling out to your lost wages. Chronic absences and tardiness are one of the most common reasons people lose jobs and your car should be helping prevent this, not increasing the odds!

Repair Costs

A new car is expensive, but so is fixing an old one! While a new car will cost more money up front than a repair, your old vehicle is likely far past any kind of warranty that will make it worth it. Dumping money into an old car often results in money wasted on repairs and then still having to purchase a new vehicle when it breaks again.

Free Pick-Up

We make it easy to get your car to us! As many of the cars we deal with are undrivable, we offer free towing and pickup services along with convenient, local drop-off options if you would prefer delivering the car yourself. This is a great option if you have a junker vehicle taking up space in your driveway, garage or storage unit.

Guaranteed Cash For Scrap Cars

With so many cars on the road and thousands becoming undrivable every day, the scrap metal business is booming – but many scrap yards are only benefiting the owners. While there are many services that will pick up your old car for ‘Free,’ they are really taking the value from the car itself.

At Car for Scrap, no matter the shape your vehicle is in, we offer compensation for the scrap metal it contains and also provide convenient, free towing, pickup or drop off services. It’s your car and you should be paid for it with more than a free tow – and Car for Scrap ensures it!

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How Much Is My Scrap Metal Car Worth?

Several factors go into deciding the cost of your scrap metal including the make and model of your vehicle. Generally, trucks and certain SUVs will net a larger amount as these are larger vehicles and contain more metal.

We will also consider the potential value of the car’s parts which may be able to be sold as opposed to being scrapped. Finally, the going price of scrap metal by ton, must also be considered. Though this value fluctuates often, we guarantee we will offer you the best price possible at the time.

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Convenient Locations Throughout Greater Toronto Area

Cars for Scrap serves the Greater Toronto Area including Markham, Vaughan, Mississauga and Scarborough.  Each location offers convenient self-drop-off or Free pick-up by our towing technicians. To find the nearest location, please contact us at +1(437)992-7504

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See Why We Have So Many Return Customers!

Cash for Scrap welcomes all new customers to see why we have so many repeat clients! Our services would not be what they are without our loyal clients and we work to ensure we give each and every one the personalized and efficient services that will continue our great relationships!

To learn more about how Cars for Scrap is making the scrap metal recycling process better for everyone, call us at  +1(437)992-7504 to receive a free, no obligation quote!

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