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Your car is old but do you really need to replace it? As a Mississauga resident, you have access to a high quality public transportation system along with rideshare services – these options can often make having a car unnecessary and more inconvenient and expensive than choosing other forms of transportation.

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What Determines the Scrap Value of My Car?

If your old car is becoming too much of a hassle or expense, it may be time to consider scrap car removal. Mississauga residents can turn their old cars into cash fast with Cars for Scrap’s FREE price quote and pick-up. Even undriveable and uninsurable cars can earn you cash quickly!

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There are laws in place to reduce the impact that scrap cars make on the environment

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Why Choose Scrap Car Removal Mississauga

When talking purely about the scrap metal in a vehicle, the weight of the vehicle and metal it contains is the deciding factor in value. This means a truck, which contains roughly 3,000 pounds of metal will be worth more than most cars which have around 2,400 pounds.  

However, certain makes and models will also have higher values because of the parts they contain. Generally, cars that are more rare will have a higher value from their parts because those remaining on the road will have a harder time finding a match.

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The price of scrap metal changes quite frequently and any scrap metal recycling facility,
including Cars for Scrap, will adjust what we can offer based on the
going rate. The price of scrap metal, just like the price of parts,
is dictated by demand. Both the auto and construction industry are the biggest
users of scrap metal so when more cars and buildings are being built,
the price is higher.

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Still unsure about scrap car removal? Mississauga drivers can request a free, no obligation quote from our experts in minutes. We also provide free towing and pick up service allowing you to get rid of even the most damaged and undriveeable vehicles with ease!  

Getting a quote is simple and fast. We take into account the make and model of your car, the value of the parts and a few other factors to give you the best rate possible. To learn more, contact us at +1 (416) 797-17-92 to request a quote or schedule a free pick up!

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