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There are few things better about living in Scarborough than exploring the beautiful natural scenery surrounding this lovely and diverse city. Home to a multitude of cultural attractions and multinational enclaves, Scarborough is the perfect place to go exploring with a long drive.

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What Determines the Value of Scrap Car Metal?

Is your car helping you explore this awesome city or holding you back? If you’re a Scarborough resident with an older, damaged or unreliable car, it may be time to consider scrap car removal. Scarborough drivers can get cash for their old vehicles and put that money towards newer, safer transportation.

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We offer you the best price for your scrap car. It’s a promise!

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We’ll take care of the official paperwork for you. No hassle!

Scrap Car Removal Service

We’ll collect your old car from anywhere in the GTA! It’s the perfect option.

Drop Your Car Off Locally

Once you’ve accepted our quote, we’ll give you a map and direction

Responsible Car Recycling

There are laws in place to reduce the impact that scrap cars make on the environment

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We’re proud to boast that 97% of our customers would use our service again.

Why Choose Scrap Car Removal Scarborough

When determining your scrap metal value we take into account both the weight of your vehicle’s metal and also salvageable parts. Replacement parts from your car can often bring a good amount of extra cash, but selling them individually can be time consuming and difficult. Cars for Scrap makes it simple by giving you a single price and doing the individual part selling for you!

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Along with these factors, the going price of scrap metal is also a determining factor.
When you bring your car to Cars for Scrap we will work to ensure you get the top value for
the current price of scrap and also take into account if your car has in demand parts.

Free Quote for Scrap Car Removal Scarborough!

As part of our commitment to providing the best and most convenient scrap car removal Scarborough can rely on, we offer FREE quotes and local pick-up! Local drop-off is also an option if you prefer and we have several locations in the area. Your FREE quote is a no-obligation, hassle free way to find out the value of your car and help you decide what’s best for you.

We also take care of all paperwork associated with signing over your car to make the process even faster and simpler. We value your time and your patronage and will always work to make our services convenient for you!

Cars for Scrap is here to ensure you get the top value for your scrap metal and car parts. To request a free estimate or schedule a free pick-up, call us at +1 (416) 797-17-92 !

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